Yup, we can do that for you.

We work with you to develop strategic, pragmatic and cost-effective strategies that can be implemented in-house. Or, if you prefer, we can act as your outsourced marketing/communications/fundraising department… however, we will always make sure that one of your staff members is an integral part of the implementation team. Our aim is to make sure that plans and strategies are implemented in a timely fashion… not left on the shelf.

Marketing is a process whereby a service or product is researched, packaged and delivered to the identified target markets. We believe that all the ‘tools’ within the marketing function (including fundraising, media and public relations, special events, etc) need to be identified and used in an integrated manner within the available budget… to better ensure economies of scale realization of identified outcomes.

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What we do

  • The basics: develop pragmatic innovative marketing strategies, communications, fundraising and public relations campaigns to increase organizational visibility, facilitate business and fundraising growth and promote an organization’s image in highly competitive and crowded markets
  • Lead: projects of all sizes from concept to completion within pre-set deadlines and budgets
  • Build: and develop enthusiasm and trust around object of marketing, communications and fundraising, identifying industry trends and developing top-performing teams and programs
  • New revenue streams: Develop organize and guide fundraising/communications campaigns and special events from the ground up to generate new (and often un-thought of) revenue streams in support of an organization’s vital programs, projects and mission
  • Social media: review of effectiveness of organization’s social media strategy
  • Volunteers: develop sustainable and viable volunteer programs; able to implement and manage programs in the absence of in-house coordinator.
  • Opportunity development: Identify often overlooked marketing/communications and fundraising opportunities and develop programs to nurture them to exceptional value within organizations and the wider community
  • Review and overviews: Expert consultation and advice for marketing/communications/fundraising issues in general
  • Copywriting: grants, proposals, promotional material (brochures, posters)
  • Making organizational culture relevant: using a variety of relevant resources including research, art, events, workshops, etc to increase staff ownership of organization culture and increase pride and productivity
  • Boost event positioning: for example, positioning and structuring special events to better achieve identified outcomes e.g. attendance, financial support, media coverage
  • Strategic fundraising/development: review and further development of entire fundraising/development programs including database collection methodology, donor nurturing, and new donor identification and nurturing
  • Promotion of individuals: manage market positioning, develop strategy, oversee speaking tours, etc for artist/author/organization with unique message
  • Idea specific services: have an idea but don’t know how to package or position it to reach fruition? Manage concept development, research, packaging, positioning, delivery, etc
  • Partnership development: identification of specific needs to develop partnerships with industry or other groups/associations, develop sustainable strategies to build and manage partnerships to achieve identified outcomes