Non profit? No budget? No problem!

We honor the role of non-profits in the marketplace. No organization or project is too large or complex. We specialize in fundraising and working for outfits that are making a difference in the world. We can even help you find funds to pay for our services. Our realistic assessments create successful approaches that are self-sustaining and provide immediate benefits. We position you to grow your work with long term viability and vitality.

Stand out from the crowd.

Let us help you identify your competitive advantage. We believe that your individuality and your engagement in your work is the foundation of your success. By refining/redefining your target audience, we find ways to distinguish you from the crowd. We help you unearth exciting opportunities that make use of your untapped resources within your budget and available human resources. Whether your company is a Fortune 500 or a non-profit seeking competitive grants, we can position you front and center.

Start to finish – we make it happen.

We meet you where you are, and bring you where you want to be. Our team includes professionals with years of experience in global modern media-wise communications and marketing. These individuals can guide your team to find strategies that you can implement independently, or we can be your full service outsourced marketing / communications department.

Building community can actualize your dreams.

We invest in the relationships that matter to you. At Laurie Staub Consulting, we help you build vital relationships, which in turn support your own growth and development.

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